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The world of chocolate in the heart of NYC

Salon du Chocolat NY is a global celebration of one of life’s most attainable luxuries—chocolate—that will enchant, fascinate, and indulge all your senses. Let your tastebuds explore the world with a pageantry of unique flavors of chocolate in all its forms as you witness the wizardry of renowned pastry chefs, delve deeper into the historical legacy of cocoa, shop from exclusive artisan vendors, and most importantly, have fun with chocolate.

Salon Du Chocolat NY Fashion Show

Salon du Chocolat NY’s signature fashion show presents pageantry dripping with glamour, decadence, and otherworldly couture. This not-to-be-missed whimsical, ‘grammable, and just-plain-over-the-top spectacle makes a fashionista (and choconista) out of everyone.

Extravagant Chocolate Sculptures

To pay homage to New York City’s robust art culture, we have artists live sculpting chocolate at Salon du Choclat NY.

In 2019, our artist-in-residence, Paul Joachim, transformed chocolate into a large-scale installation of an elephant. 

Håkan Mårtensson created a masterpiece of chocolate dragons that he had started earlier at New York Comic Con.

Salon du Chocolat Junior

Salon du Chocolat NY Junior allows chocolate lovers of all ages to play, learn, taste, and discover the coveted secrets of gourmet chocolate and pastry-making in educational workshops and hands-on activities. Activities in 2019 included chocolate sculpting, chocolate painting, and making vegan/allergy-free chocolate.